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Jul 1, 2008

Podcast 340:  

Curso de Ingles de la BBC.

"Catch The Words", serie de Ingles Por Radio de la BBC , basada

en canciones populares; ahora con temas mas modernos y

explicaciones en espanyol...Entregamos hoy capitulos 9 y 10.

Bible Reading: Salm 64.

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over ten years ago

Daniel,Well, welcome to my world I know extlacy how you feel and the funny thing is after writing the book I STILL feel that way. I had to bump into one man three times recently before I said anything to him. Finally when I turned around and he was right there beside me in the parking lot I just gave up and told him I'd be remembering him and his family in my prayers. He was so thankful, and so cheered by that I just can't imagine what my hesitation was. You're from Australia! Do you still live there? If so, how'd you find out about PFS book?Blessings to you and yours!River